10 Clear Signs Your Girlfriend is Angry at You

Being with someone in a relationship enables you to read and analyze them – with all their good and bad moods. You also get familiar at what ticks them off…especially this. Or at least you think you are, for everyone expresses anger differently.

You wouldn’t know that easily what you did or didn’t do which ended up incurring your girl’s wrath. It’d be easier if you just ask her, no? Except that she wouldn’t give it away that easy; and you’d get nothing beyond the usually dry “I’m fine.” But when she’s silent in her upset mood, try to look for those hidden signs. The following 10 signs your girlfriend is angry can give you some direction to do that.

  1. She stops being the first to get in touch

Women are often the first one to contact you and start making plans for the day. They will call, text or email you – if they aren’t there with you. If they are, they come to you themselves and get the morning’s greetings done nicely. When your girl is mad at you, she won’t bother making first contact. You won’t hear from her at all. And if you make contact with her, she won’t make an effort to reply.