10 Reasons Japanese Women Stay Slim and Don’t Look Old

If you have ever visited Japan, you have surely wanted to know the secret of Japanese women, who remain young, slim, and beautiful all their life.

Apparently, their youthful appearance and body are due to their cuisine and lifestyle. The Japanese people live and eat healthily, and that is their secret to longevity. Actually, it is home to the highest proportion of people who live more than 100 years in the entire world.

They do not focus on taste only, but they also consider the health benefits of the foods they consume. These are the top 10 reasons why Japanese women look young and slim.

  1. Green Tea

The Japanese people love green tea. The preparation of matcha (powdered green tea) is a real ceremony, which is a Japanese cultural activity.

It is made from the dried leaves of the highest quality, which are then milled into a fine powder, which is added to water.

This tea is extremely delicious and beneficial, and it helps weight loss, lowers the risk of cancer and heart diseases, and it is high in antioxidants that fight free radicals and delay the aging process.

A 2006 study published in JAMA found that adults in Japan who drank higher amounts of green tea had a reduced risk of death due to all causes, and people who had 5 cups of green tea daily had 26 percent lower mortality rates.