11 Things Men Pay Attention To But You Don’t

Men, raise your hands!

A lot of times in relationships, people can get very comfortable with each other to the point wherein they lose a sense of self-awareness. They believe that they have a love and relationship that is so genuine, they feel like they can be perfectly comfortable with being their true selves. As a result, these people don’t really pay attention to how they conduct themselves in front of their partner anymore. There is a level of comfort, trust, and security there that takes a long while for couples to really develop and nurture.

If you’ve gotten to that point in the relationship wherein you feel perfectly comfortable with your man, then good for you. But you have to remember that just because you no longer pay attention to yourself as much as you used to doesn’t mean that it’s the same for your man. If he’s still madly in love with you, then he is paying every single bit of attention he can to every fiber of your being. He notices every single thing that you do because he loves you.

Here are a few examples of things that your man notices about you even though you don’t think twice about it..

1. How much you eat.

You just eat whatever. Sure, you have your set diet in place, but you don’t really think much about it. You eat however much just feels natural to you. But your man notices. He loves it when you have a hearty appetite so he won’t have to feel guilty about eating a lot.