12 Annoying Things Men Do In Bed

Ladies, do you agree?

Guys, don’t even try to deny it. A lot of you think that you are better then you actually are. You like to beef up your ego to the point of delusion. You think that you can do absolutely no wrong in the bedroom and that you always manage to leave all girls fully satisfied. Let’s be real here. No man is going to be perfect in the bedroom.

You are going to have your screw-ups, and some girls are just going to be nice enough to not point them out to you. But secretly, they are laughing at you behind your back.

To make sure that your lack of skills in the bedroom never end up as the subject of ladies’ gossip, you have to avoid doing any of the following things with your sexual partners.

1. You spank her butt playfully.

No, she doesn’t enjoy that. She’s not some sick dominatrix who thinks that plain is the equivalent of pleasure.

You might think that it’s playful and that it provides some spark to the s_ex, but it really doesn’t Quit slapping her b.utt.