12 Things Women Want Their Man To Do While Making Love

Ever wondered what she is thinking about while you are trying to give her the best time of her life? They say knowing what women want is really difficult but you can know what she wants while you guys are making love.

Here are 12 things women want you to do while making love to them!

1. Grab her face while kissing.

Place one hand on each of her cheeks while you are giving her tongue a good time!

2. Use your lips and tongue for more than just kissing.

Slide your lower lip up and down her neck and keep flicking her lips with your tongue!

3. Try a LITTLE lip biting.

Remember: A LITTLE.
Lip biting is more like a switch for turning her moans on. Women want you to do this more than anything else.

4. Also, a LITTLE hair pulling and neck scratching.

Also remember again: A LITTLE.
Neck is the weakest spot for a girl, so scratch her nape gently as you are making out!

5. Correct use of your fingers can drive her crazy!

Try feeling her with the tip of your fingers.
And also the back of your fingers, your palm and your fingernails, but not the sharp side, can leave her wanting for more. Be gentle and do not dig your nails inside!

6. Grab her butt.

Only after you’ve made out a few times, try sliding your hand gently to her butt. And if she doesn’t swat your hand away, try cupping it.

7. As Phoebe Buffay says, we also appreciate gentle spanking!

Oh yes we do! Unless you try to redden our butts like the sweet apple of Adam.

8. Don’t just stick to the lips.

Take a break from her lips to kiss along her chest or up and down her stomach!

9. Look into her eyes while you are going down on her.

What is hotter than eye contact?

10. Welcome to the most sensitive area of your lady- The Ear.

Breathe gently on her ear. Kiss on it. Lick the ear lobe and suck on it. And for the love of Venus, do not breathe INTO her ear!

11. Lay on top of her and not the other way around.

Women want and love the weight of you on themselves and also the easy approach to your back to play with!

12. Put your thighs against her crotch!

Give her some friction in the middle of making love. It is the best way to turn her on even more.