20 Embarrassing Things That All Women Do But Totally Keep Secret, ‘Till Now’

We’re willing to bet you have loads of awful habits that you’d never admit to. Believe it or not, plenty of other women out there do exactly the same thing.

IT’S TRUE: here are some weird things all us girls do on the DL.

20. Wearing the same bra without washing it for an unlawful amount of time

Cause why stop wearing it unless it smells, right?

19. Stalking our exes online

It’s true, just this morning I learned via Instagram that my ex has taken up “Birding.”

18. Having to pluck rogue body hairs from… everywhere

Only in my purse, bathroom cabinet, car and desk at work.

17. On that note, we pretty much have a million bizarre beauty rituals in general …

Then later when we get a compliment, we play it off, like no BFD

Boy: How are you so soft and smooth?!

Me: Oh shucks, good genes I guess. ¯\ (ツ)

16. We will literally lie about having our period if it will get us out of something we *really* don’t want to do. Sorry guys…

It can also get us off the hook for just being a basic moody bitch. I’m looking at you, Brittany.