20 Embarrassing Things That All Women Do But Totally Keep Secret, ‘Till Now’

15. We resort to desperate measures when out of deodorant

The thing every woman secretly does is spritz a bit of perfume under each armpit. An even better option is spraying it directly on to your clothes. Come on, guys, we’re going for maximum impact!

14. Peeing elsewhere when there’s a line for the ladies.

We use the men’s restroom when the line for the ladies is too long and we can’t be bothered to wait. Every woman has done this AT LEAST once.

13. We all get in weird moods and don’t want to shower for days

But when we finally do shower …

12. I mean, we’ll even use the shower for something it was not intended for. Example … peeing

No woman will admit to this, but trust us: every woman has done it at one point or another. Sometimes you’re in the shower and you have to pee – so you go for it and swear to never tell.

11. Smelling our partner’s clothes

Giving your partner’s sweaters and shirts a good sniff – yes it’s totally weird, but all women do it. If caught, we’ll mumble something about “pheromones.”

10. Watching ourselves cry in the mirror

You know, after sobbing for 20 minutes, you want to see if you ‘cry prettily.’