20 Embarrassing Things That All Women Do But Totally Keep Secret, ‘Till Now’

9. Picking our noses when no-one’s looking

Sorry to burst your bubble guys, but it’s a hard fact of life. Women pick their noses too when we think no-one’s looking. We’ll do it on the sly, though. We’re classy broads.

8. Uncontrollable selfie duck face


7. On that note: Pretending to text while taking selfies

We don’t want to come off too narcissistic, now do we?

6. Despite many clothing options, wearing the same outfit two days in a row

I’m literally wearing my “Yellow Submarine” night shirt under my sweater to work today … IDK either guys.

5. Destroying a whole bag of cookies in one go

FYI, it’s girl scout cookie season again and sometimes ya girl needs to just chow down a full two boxes…

4. Eating things from the bottom of our purses

That chocolate is STILL GOOD.

3. Doing random ugly yoga poses to stretch out our jeans

Crotch squats ’til they fit again!

2. Shaving the very minimum amount of skin necessary

Why shave past the knee when you’re wearing a knee length dress? Work smarter, not harder ladies!

1. Having in-depth conversations (or sometimes screaming matches) with our favorite TV shows

Any woman who says she hasn’t had an intense discussion with Alicia from The Good Wife, or a heated argument with Olivia Pope is, in fact, a liar. And lezzbehonest, we’ve all spent many-a-Monday nights screaming at the Bachelor for kicking off the wrong girl. Oh, come on, it’s because we care!!