5 reasons why Julius Malema would make a great president

When Julius Malema was kicked from the ANC in 2012, very few would have said: “that man is ready to be president of South Africa.” Many still see the EFF commander-in-chief as volatile but politicians have to go through growth, just like any human being.

In 2017 though, the EFF’s numbers are growing rapidly and the party is becoming known as the main alternative for black voters who will no longer vote ANC but also cannot support the DA. (*cough Helen cough*) Now, let’s get to the five reasons why Malema could be a great SA president…

  1. Juju has been in politics since he was 9 years old

Julius has had an interest in working to help his people since he was just a kid. He has previously spoken about how during apartheid times, he used to push the tyres to where barricades were going to be set up. A child playfully pushing a tyre didn’t attract any attention from Police.