5 strong ways to make her want you

Whether meeting a girl you like is exceedingly rare or a regular occurrence, the pressure to get her begging for more is on. Men have long been known as the s.x that initiates all the moves but actually, it feels pretty good to have the women do the chasing for once, right? If that’s what you’re after, follow this guide: here are the surefire ways to make her want you:

Don’t be desperate

Calling her the evening after a date, asking her out twice in one week or texting her again and again when you haven’t received a response isn’t sweet, it’s desperate. If you want to keep her guessing and coming back for more, you need to make sure you’re playing the game. Tedious as it is, in the initial stages it’s more than likely to work and the more you leave her hanging, the more she’ll come back for.