5 Things To Do When The One You Love Doesn’t Love You Back

Ah, an unreciprocated love. Been there, done that, got a few too many T-shirts. Breathe calmly, take a healthy dose of chillaxapil and read on about how to handle when the one you love does not love you back, no matter whether your love interest is/was Kimmy or Jay.

So what happens when our love and admiration for a particular person is met with, at best, a lukewarm response? We wonder why and then do everything in our power to attempt to change their minds.

However, you know in your heart of hearts that this will not change anything and you will likely only make matters worse for you. Yet, a romantic rejection is the worst because love is such a subjective matter and we place so much importance to our emotional state, even to the most hardened of men.

Let us identify the feelings of rejection. Here is a basic list of them:


– Emotional distress


– Anger


It is only natural to feel sad after rejection.

We all know the end goal is moving on and feeling better about yourself, ready for the next Kimmy or Jay. The question is, how do we get  there?

Here’s how to handle when the one you love doesn’t love you back:

1. Understanding rejection

How can you understand someone rejecting you romantically?

Even the very best suffered rejection at some point – watch the movie Casanova starring Heath Ledger and Sienna Miller to get an understanding, not only for the ones interested in Giacomo Casanova, but also for the title character.

The good news is that sometimes rejection is not always permanent or it is a case of one door closing and another (better one!) opening.