5 Things You Shouldn’t Say To A Girl In A Relationship

It’s weird how people are just naturally able to separate people the moment that they find themselves in a relationship. It’s like Stephanie the single lady is a completely different person from Stephanie, the girl who Mike is dating. What changed exactly? Stephanie didn’t become a whole new personal entity just because she started dating Mike, did she? No. And you should feel bad for making it seem like that’s the case. A lot of people will change the way they treat women the moment that they get into relationships.

They talk to them weirdly, they act different around them, and the demeanor is just not the same. Frankly, it can get really annoying for all the Stephanies of the world.  She’s still the same girl! She just happens to be in a relationship now. If you’re still socially inept and need some tips on how to deal with your lady friend who just happens to now be in a relationship, then please read this article in its entirety.

Here are 5 things that you should never say to a girl in a relationship.

1. “So when do you guys plan to get hitched?”

Excuse me. Why are you jumping to conclusions? Just because a girl gets into a relationship with a guy doesn’t mean she automatically wants to marry him; or that she even wants to get married at all. Less and less couples are getting married nowadays because it’s just more practical for some of them.

You shouldn’t automatically assume a person’s entire life plans just because she happens to be dating a guy. You’re setting unreasonable expectations for a life that isn’t even your own. If she ever has plans of getting married, she’ll let you know. Until then, don’t bring it up… But if you really can’t help it, at least ask her nicely when you do.