5 Types of “Friends” You Don’t Need In Life


Being a flake is more than standing someone up once, twice or ten times. Being a flake means putting more importance on posting a picture to Instagram, answering the phone in the middle of a conversation, interrupting someone when they are speaking and all sorts of other disrespectful behaviors.

A relationship with a flake can often feel insignificant, as if it doesn’t matter, because of their behaviors. We owe to ourselves to surround ourselves with people that show up and stay in the present moment with us.

We have all acted “flakey” at one time or another, but it is the constant flakiness that will have you doubting the importance of your relationship.

We all need different types of friends that serve us and whom we can serve. When you surround yourself with people that bring different attributes to the table, their and our lives becomes richer through shared experiences.