5 Ways to Be More Patient and Less Annoyed

They say patience is a virtue. But sometimes we wish leaving us alone would be a bigger virtue. Or not asking stupid questions. You get the point.Here are the 5 ways to fatten up that quickly-thinning patience.

Tip #1: Know that your goal will still be achieved.

One theory posits that anger—and its little cousin, annoyance—is thought to be the result of an impeded goal.

So when you’re feeling annoyed, think about your goal—getting your kids to the bus stop, getting out of this traffic caused by rubberneckers who have apparently never seen a fender bender before, or eating dinner if the waiter would ever bring it.

Whatever the goal, trust that it will still be achieved. It might take a little longer than expected or you might have to jump through some unexpected hoops, but you’ll still get there. And sometimes that knowledge is enough to help you relax and be more patient.

Tip #2: Give yourself what you need in your imagination.

Think back to the most annoying of all your annoying memories. Play it through in your mind as if you were watching a movie.

Now, right before the part where you lose your cool, ask yourself what you needed in that moment. It could be anything—internal strength, a feeling of relaxation, or just one of those giant squeaky hammers clowns use to hit each other.

Giving yourself what you need, even in your imagination, can make your brain feel like you really received it. And that can help you handle the next time with aplomb.