7 Signs She’s Only Taking Advantage Of You

It’s a sad truth that not all people you meet in life are going to be genuine. There are lots of mischievous people out there in the world who are only looking to protect their own personal interests. They aren’t afraid of stepping on other peoples’ toes so as long as they get what they want. They have no regard for whatever pain they are causing other people as a result of their insensitive actions. These are the manipulative and abusive kinds of woman who always have ulterior motives in everything that they do.

Sometimes, these kinds of women will resort to fooling men into believing that they actually have an emotional connection with each other. These women will play the girlfriend part really well to the point where she will take full advantage of the man’s trust for her. This is the point wherein men have to decide whether they’re willing to let themselves be played or if they’re going to put their foot down for the sake of their dignity. No one ever likes being taken advantage of. That’s why if you manage to find yourself in a relationship where you are being manipulated and taken advantage of, get out as soon as you can. Don’t let this girl leech any more life out of you for her benefit. You deserve to be in a loving relationship with a person who wouldn’t manipulate you or use you as some sort of object.

Here are a few signs that you are just caught in a relationship with someone who is using you:

1. She doesn’t like to show you off as her boyfriend in public.

If she’s ashamed of showing you off in public as her boyfriend, then it is highly likely that her feelings for you aren’t as genuine as you’ve been led to believe. A girl who loves her boyfriend with all her heart would never want to hide him from the public for no reason at all. If she’s hiding you from her friends and family, then that should serve as blatant red flag for you that things aren’t exactly as they seem.