7 Thoughts To Keep In Mind When You’ve Been Cheated On

Have you been cheated on?

Cheating is never fun – when you’re the one who is being cheated on. But what you fail to realize is that cheating isn’t fun for the person who is cheating on you either. That might come as a little counter-intuitive, right?

How could a person who is deliberately damaging your relationship by engaging in third-party relations with someone else be the one who is suffering in that situation? How is the cheater get to play the victim role in that instance?

It’s just an idea that’s downright weird to entertain. But just really think about it. The person who cheated on you probably has inner demons and unhealthy desires that you don’t even know about – these demons are what drove them to do the unthinkable and cheat on you.

When you get cheated on, it’s emotionally devastating. There’s nothing quite like the pain of knowing that your partner doesn’t love you enough to actually stay loyal to you.

And it can be very difficult to bounce back to a state of emotional stability after an episode of cheating.

But as previously mentioned, sometimes all that you need to accelerate the healing process is a fresh perspective on things. Here are a few things that you should keep in mind when you’ve been cheated on.

1. A cheater is more broken on the inside than you are.

Remember that despite the fact that you are the victim in the situation, there is nothing wrong with you.

In most cases, when you are the one who is cheated on, you are not necessarily doing anything wrong. The most likely diagnosis is that there’s something about the cheater that is broken.

There are things inside them that they just can’t seem to channel positively. There are aspects to their personality that are unstable and which drive them to engage in toxic and destructive activities like cheating.

They are the ones with the problem – and you just ended up being collateral damage because of it.