7 Types Of Men Who Women Should Avoid Falling For

I’ve made some mistakes…
Both genders are known to play very specific roles in their own lives and in the lives of other people. For men, they are known to be fathers, sons, brothers, and protectors. While a lot of men are expected to give into the patriarchal expectations that society sets for them, this isn’t always going to be a good thing. A lot of men can get carried away with their “roles” and it can make for a very toxic and misogynistic relationship experience for the women. So that’s why it would be in the best interest of the ladies to avoid dating men who espouse these particular roles:

1. The Dad

Imagine dating your dad. Disgusting, right? That’s essentially the guy you’re dating when you choose to fall in love with The Dad.

He is going to want to limit your freedoms as much as possible – even though he says he’s doing it out of love. While usually, your boyfriend should share a romantic love with you,

The Dad’s love is more paternal in nature. So unless you’re comfortable with dating a person who is going to remind you of your father, it would be best for you to just steer clear from dating The Dad.