This 78-year-old woman eats 2 kg of SAND every day and feels ‘perfectly fine’

PIC FROM Caters News - (PICTURED: Kusma Vati, 78 eating sand) - An elderly woman from Varanasi, India, has eaten sand and gravel for the last six decades and claims the unique diet has been key to her good health. Kusma Vati, 78, is so addicted to eating sand and gravel that she spends hours in search of her staple diet and if she has no luck, she will even nibble on the walls of her own house. Her bizarre taste for stone has stunned everyone in her area of the city yet the granny claims it is because of sand and gravel that she has never felt sick. SEE CATERS COPY.

A 78-year-old woman says her outstanding health is mainly the result of eating two kilograms of sand every day.

Kusma Vati has been eating sand every day for the past 63 years and she says it has had no harmful effect on her health. In fact she’s convinced eating sand is the main reason she has never had to consult a doctor.

“I have never seen a doctor because there has been no need. For as long as I can remember I’ve felt perfectly fine,” she says, according to the Hindustan Times.

Kusma, a grandmother, started eating sand at the age of 15. Initially it gave her stomach ache but soon it began to feel normal.

“I feel as if the minerals in the sand give me the energy to work in the crop fields.”

In addition to eating sand Kusma enjoys gnawing at the walls of her house. Her grandchildren are convinced she’s mentally disturbed, but Kusma denies this.

“My grandchildren insist I get medical help to get rid of this addiction but I see no need for it. I’m healthy and fit – all thanks to sand.”

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