8 Red Flags That You’re Being Used In A Relationship

Do NOT ignore these red flags!It doesn’t even matter what kind of relationship that you’re in. No kind of relationship is immune to this. Whether you are it’s a relationship with your romantic partner, friend, boss, parents, sibling, or anyone else really. You are always susceptible to being used by someone if you allow them to just walk all over you. It’s okay to do a few favors for a person a few times, but when it starts becoming a regular thing, then you really have to reconsider the situation that you’re in. In any healthy relationship, you should always be getting just as much as you’re giving. That’s called balance. Balance is always essential in maintaining healthy ties with another person. When you do things for your boss, you are compensated financially. When you do things for your family, you expect them to be there for you when you need them. When you do things for your romantic partner, they should also be willing to run some errands for you every once in a while. If there are substantial imbalances in these exchanges of service, then you have to consider the possibility that you are just being used.

You always have a cause for suspicion if your romantic partner only ever messages you when they are in need of something or if they are looking for some sexual favors. You should also be skeptical of when your boss asks you to do extra work unnecessarily even though you already did everything that was expected of you originally. These people are called users and you need to do either one of two things in these scenarios: call them out on their bad habits or walk away from them entirely.

You have to stop compromising your own needs for the sake of others especially when you know that you’re not getting anything healthy out of it. You need to be able to just put your foot down and stand up for yourself. You can’t allow yourself to always be picking up after everyone else because you might end up neglecting all the things that you need to be doing for yourself. So how do you know when someone is using and abusing you? Here are some signs that could give you some reassurance.

1. You always feel uncomfortable whenever you’re around them.

The discomfort that you’re feeling when you’re around this person is a direct result of your anxiety. You are always anxious that this person is going to ask something from you again as they always do. You have grown to expect these “favors” and you don’t like it.