9 Things Women Enjoy Doing Alone Without Men Around

2. Cooking For Themselves

Everyday, they selflessly cook food for all the members of the home and they generally get the remaining share of the food. In case when they are alone, they are fortunate to cook their favourite cuisine for themselves and relish them in immense peace. When it comes to dessert, everyone becomes a kid. So when no one is around, why to feel shy? Just say yes to every dessert you find in your refrigerator.

3. Go Shopping

For women, there is no great stress buster as shopping. Shopping indulges their mind in a positive direction and they can even enjoy window shopping. But shopping with spouse and kids is a completely stressful experience for them. With kids shouting and pointing out on every shiny thing they like and husbands rushing in and out of the store hinting to make fast purchases are just the fun spoilers. Women love to look at all the things that the supermarkets or apparel stores offer and they tend to read the products, compare the prices and then they decide which one they want to buy. Shopping for long hours earns them satisfaction of buying the right thing at the right price.

4. Watching Daily Soap Operas

Women generally don’t get to watch television as everyone except them has control over the channels and mostly, they don’t have the time to watch it. But when they are alone, they find pleasure in watching the daily soap operas, which may have a sluggish storyline and weird characters who strive to exhibit emotions that makes them cry. They enjoy it more because there is no one to nag them for watching it nor there are kids to keep them busy in other work.