9 Things Women Enjoy Doing Alone Without Men Around


5. Pamper themselves

Women mostly work in a hasty manner during the mornings that taking a bath becomes just a formality. The moment they get such an isolation from the household work, they love to spare 30 minutes under the shower and rinse down all their stress and weariness. They also love to take time to visit spa centres and beauty parlours to relieve their strained muscles and enjoy the peaceful moments without the noises of husband or kids, which easily hints the enjoyment is temporary.

6. Take Their Quota Of Beauty Sleep

Nor the weekdays or the weekends has one holiday in store for women. They are always busy in household chores and even with office work, that they hardly have time to take adequate rest of 7 to 8 hours. Every family member has a different schedule and women need to mend their schedule as per their family members’ requirements. Sound sleep for endless hours is a distant dream for women. So there is nothing that can be compared with the beauty sleep for long hours with complete domination on the bed.

7. Explore The World

With such busy lifestyle in and out of the home, women hardly have time to go out and explore their cities. In case of an outing with the family, they hardly enjoy themselves as they are involved with handling their kids activities and taking care of other family members. So when given a chance to stay alone, they like to explore their world with a new perspective. They are more likely to enjoy the scenic places and indulge in some not so healthy street food along with some roadside shopping

8. Watch Movies Before Sleeping

Women find no time in between finishing their kitchen work and going to bed. They generally have to watch the sport matches which the male members love to watch. They never find an opportunity to watch their favourite romantic or rom-com movies. If they are alone, they will fulfil their this wish too. With a bowl of yummy popcorns, they want to slip into their pyjamas and enjoy the perfect ambience for watching their favourite films.

9. Enjoy Their Mornings Better

Women hardly need alarm clocks to wake up in the morning as their mind is tuned up to get up early to start with the long list of household chores. But they would appreciate a chance to wake up late without having the tension of finishing up the chores. They would have a revitalising experience in enjoying each sip of the morning tea, which will taste much better in solitude. The haste free morning will surely bring in a new energy in them.