Aunt Mzansi: Husband jealous because I’m on point

Dear Aunt Mzansi

Is it normal for my husband to be jealous and accuse me of cheating just because I’m always on point and always on my phone?

It’s really frustrating when I’m being accused of something I’m not doing and it actually makes me think he is the one doing it but is just playing psychological games with me.

Aunt Mzansi: It is normal. Don’t be hard on him. Maybe you never used to be on point and he is now thinking the motivation for this change is another man. Reassure him by brushing his comments aside. And get those silly thoughts of his cheating out of your mind. He is not cheating unless your gut feel and evidence say he is!

Dr Love: Since you have noticed that he is not taking it well, what can you do to improve communication in your home? Though it’s wrong for him to undermine your intelligence and jump to think that the attention of another man is responsible for your confidence.

Maybe reflect on the things that could be contributing to such an offensive accusation. It could be your new found confidence is making him feel insecure.

It could be that his ego is challenged and he needs your help adjusting to the new you. Perhaps he needs your affirmation.