Aunt Mzansi: My stepmother gives me poisoned food to kill my friends

Dear Aunt Mzansi

I am a 16 year old student who resides in Bloemfontein, three years ago my father remarried after my biological mother’s tragic death. My step mother hails from Limpopo and she has been been good for me, making sure that i leave home with a well packed lunch box to eat on lunch time.

My problem is she now packs two lunch boxes with almost same contents but different colors, she instructs me to give my friends the red lunch box for them to help themselves. I am suspecting foul play because she always emphasize that i should not eat nor touch any food from the red lunch box.

I have been throwing away the red lunch box contents and share with my friends from my blue lunch box.

My question is, is she after something or she is just too kind?


Dear Readers.

May you flood the comment box with advice for this young man who is facing a dilemma.