Aunt Mzansi: Is it possible to be in a relationship without a car?

Well it is possible, but what Im really asking is how should i play it off.

My problem is, there’s this really nice girl who’s into me, and i know this may sound nuts but i haven’t asked her out for a year now. she happens to work in a store opposite mine in Pretoria and we have a lot of eye contact it’s really killing me inside knowing i don’t have the guts to go out there and ask her out on a date, and the last month or so i’ve been having a severe depression over this. (very srs, the stress is actually making my hair fall out)

I know it has really nothing to do with a car and she should like me for me, but in a way it really lowers my self esteem and hurts my confidence. I’ve been stalling on asking her out and i wanna get it over with as soon as possible and just ask her.

Anyone have a good advice?

Itumeleng: Mamelodi

Dear Readers: If you have good advice, please help Itumeleng in the comments box.

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