Bloemfontein cheating man loses genitals after caught red handed by wife

A Bloemfontein man cried helpless after wife bite off his genitals during a fight. It is alleged that hell broke loose after he was caught with an 18 year old blessee in his friend’s bedroom a few yards away from their house.

A source close to the family reveals that the wife stormed in her husband friend’s house after a tip off from fellow tenants only to find her husband who was supposed to be at work groaning and sweating on top of a girl she said to be of equivalent to her daughter’s age.

The raged wife allegedly dragged her husband outside to give him a lesson of his life which ended up in tragedy.

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“At first we just thought that the husband deserved to be beaten for cheating, we made fun out of it taking pictures and videos till we realized that the husband had collapsed after the wife ripped off his genitals. She continued to beat the unconscious man despite our intervention. When the paramedics arrived he was still breathing but lost a lot of blood. Cheating is wrong but i think the wife went too far, we also carry an equal blame for failing to stop her at first,’ he said.

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Paramedics reveal that the condition will stabilize but unfortunately the genitals will be lost forever and alternatives will be used.

There was no comment from the police by the time of publishing.