Brenda Fassie’s son Bongani receives R20m estate settlement

More than six years after Bongani Fassie told a court he was “destitute” and “living on other people’s mercy”, he is now living comfortably

Speaking to Sowetan, he says a lengthy court battle over Brenda Fassie’s estate, which is now worth R20-million, has finally been settled.

Bongani was locked in a bitter court battle for years over Brenda’s estate, which she left unsettled when she died in 2004.

The father of two won a court case in 2010 that allowed him to take control of his mother’s estate, which he says was being mismanaged by the executor in charge. He was also involved in a legal battle with Brenda’s record label over her music royalties.

But Bongani says everything has been rounded up, and he has also been receiving his mother’s royalties

“I have been lying low and I don’t want to go around flashing money because it is my mother’s hard-earned money and I don’t want to paint a bad picture of her,” he told the Sowetan.

Bongani, who is a musician and producer, joked that he does not have to do music anymore thanks to the strong legacy she left behind.

Scores of South Africans remembered Brenda Fassie on Tuesday, May 9, the 13th anniversary of her death.

Bongani says he is happy with all the support he received after his mother’s death.

“She was a very strong woman and to die during a month honouring mothers just shows she was the chosen one,” he told SowetanLive.