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6 Crazy Things You Didn’t Know Your P.enis Could Do

There’s a lot more to your member than meets the eye. Here are six crazy things you didn’t know your p_enis could do. Its a...

8 Things You Need To Know About A.nal S.ex

These are the 8 things you need to know It wont stretch out Start Slowly It is all about communication Protect yourself Try using a toy Do not force matters

Aunt Mzansi: Is he using me?

I’m 37 and in a relationship. He works but always says he doesn’t have money even though he’s not married. I used to help him...

11 Things Guys Secretly Do with Their

1. Bend it TO ITS EXTREME POINT. When its flaccid  is basically like having a slinky in your pants. 2. Stretch it. We have pulled...

12 Things Women Do Right Before S.ex but Never Admit To

1. Whip Out That Matching Lingerie That Never Sees the Light of Day And then struggle to decide whether you'll wear it uncomfortably under your...

The 10 Worst Things That Could Happen to Your P.enis

Your junk is safe—for now—but these other guys weren’t so lucky This can happen to you. Crossed Wires Something fishy Buried Alive Trouble with the Curve

This Is How Many People Are Having S.ex

This is how they are doing it But remember only a small percentage of women do it. Wait to be told what to do Play in the...

How to Last Longer In B.ed

This can work for you. Make it a toy Popo this pill Use a spray

The Best S.ex Position for Your Aching Back

If you are having a back ache, you can still enjoy it, if you try the best positions  

5 Reasons She Hates Oral S.ex

You might be the reason why she hates BJs   You don't give her a notice You do not do the same You do not care about grooming You...