Days of Our Lives Teasers – June 2017

Coming up on Days of Our Lives this June 2017:

Thursday 1 June 2017
Episode 202 (12309) 

Sonny and Will’s wedding continues as Caroline gives a moving speech. Justin and Lucas also give heartfelt speeches for their sons.

At the reception, Theresa confronts Jennifer who still thinks she is behind the attacks. Liam is unnoticed at Jennifer’s house by Daniel and Nicole. Nicole realises that Eric said something to Daniel about them getting married. Roman walks in on Theresa and Brady kissing at the reception.

Friday 2 June 2017
Episode 203 (12310)    

Eric reveals to Nicole that he doesn’t think he can marry her if they cannot marry in the church. Jennifer is furious when she finds her chequebook in with the toys Daniel picked up. Liam is happy to cause trouble in Daniel and Jennifer’s relationship. Nick and Gabi are making out on the couch just as Sami arrives.

Monday 5 June 2017
Episode 204 (12311)        

Stefano reveals to E.J. that he knows all about his affair and pregnancy scare with Abigail. Nick has to hide when Sami shows up and launches into attacks on him.

Nicole misunderstands a voice mail that Marlena has left for Eric. Eric is tempted by Theresa’s offer to get some cocaine. Father Louis asks Hope and Aiden to chair the fundraising committee. Nicole gives Eric an ultimatum. Someone pieces together the evidence Nicole shredded.

Tuesday 6 June 2017
Episode 205 (12312)      

Rafe attempts a search on Ben using the last name Ridgeway. Jordan warns Ben about keeping their past a secret. Sheryl and Lucas return to his place and end up in bed. Kate leaves a message about her latest finding on Jordan.

Abigail accidentally runs into Paige on her run. JJ asks Paige out on date. Hope overhears Aiden talking to his son who is upset about staying in Salem.

Wednesday 7 June 2017
Episode 206 (12313)      

Jennifer is curious about JJ’s new friend. Later, JJ arranges for Paige to talk to Daniel about a career in medicine. Liam breaks into Daniel’s apartment and puts something in his drink.

Sheryl confronts Kate over the message she heard. Will and Sonny enjoy their honeymoon. Sonny encourages Will to get a custody arrangement made official.

Thursday 8 June 2017
Episode 207 (12314)         

Daniel worries his tremors have returned as his hands shake but a drug test reveals he has a prescription medication in his system. Liam returns to Daniel’s apartment and destroys all the evidence but runs into Nicole at the elevator.

Eric reveals to Nicole that he is choosing her. Brady reveals to Theresa that he still wants her. Hope comes to Chase’s rescue when he is mugged in the town square. Bev doesn’t like JJ spending time with Paige.

Friday 9 June 2017
Episode 208 (12315)    

Julie confronts Sami about Nick not being invited to Will and Sonny’s wedding. Later, Sami realizes Gabi lied to her. Nicole questions Liam on why he is at Daniel’s apartment building. Daniel is put on suspension while a team investigates if he was drugged.