Aunty Mzansi: I have stopped cheating but still get beaten

QUESTION:  I’m a single mother and have one daughter. I broke up with my boyfriend 10 years ago. All the men that I date are not serious about having a relationship with me.

All they want is se.x. The only man who seems to want me seriously wants a kid from me, but he has a girlfriend. What should I do?

Aunty Mzansi replies: The first thing you need to do when you are in a new relationship is to close your legs.

You may be falling into a trap of giving it up too soon thinking it’s a way to secure the relationship.

Learn the art of charm and also give yourself time to learn about this new man.

Dr Love replies: When you say all men you date want se.x and not really a relationship with you it suggests that maybe they sense that you are desperate and you will fall for anything.

Even the boyfriend whom you regard as serious wants a child from you whereas he has another girlfriend. What does he take you for, a fool?

Can you conduct an introspection on how you project yourself in a relationship or dating context?