I was depressed and losing weight like it was carbon dioxide‚ says Minnie Dlamini

Minnie Dlamini has reflected on a “sad time” in her life‚ which caused her to lose an incredible amount of weight.

The TV personality took a trip down memory lane to share a picture of herself after she had lost a considerable amount of weight.

“This picture reminds me of such a sad time. I was miserable‚ depressed‚ and losing weight like it was carbon dioxide‚” Minnie said.

Despite going through a challenging time‚ nothing could stop Minnie from giving her all to her career.

“I still got up and went to work and continued my hustle‚ no amount of pain was going to stop me from achieving my goals. So I worked harder and smarter‚” she explained.

Minnie added that she allowed herself to cry and “faked” happiness when she needed to.

“I gave myself moments to cry and moments to fake happiness‚ until I was finally happy again. I never want to be this skinny again. I honestly believe we go through s**t so we can fully appreciate the good.”