Dump traffic cop arrested for asking ‘bribe’ from a Presidential car

A traffic cop based in Pretoria has been busted for the most awkward reason. Traffic cops have been known for doing corrupt activities, mostly asking for bribes from motorists who don’t obey road rules.

A dump traffic cop in Pretoria stopped a Mercedes Benz S Class that had not stopped at the STOP sign. All motorists are supposed to stop at every STOP sign. However, most motorists have a habit of doing what they call ‘a rolling STOP’ which looks a more like someone is obeying a ‘GIVE WAY’ sign rather than a STOP sign.

It is alleged that the motorist in the Mercedes Benz S Class works in President Zuma’s office, and the car is sometimes used in the Presidential Motorcade. The traffic officer identified as Thembani Mahlatini stopped the car and asked for the driver’s license.

After a long conversation, where the motorist was arguing that he had actually stopped, the cop went on to ask what the motorist could ‘offer’ so that the matter could be settled without wasting much time. It is at that time that the motorist revealed who he really was forcing the cop into panic mode.

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The motorist, who addressed himself as an intelligence operative asked the police officer to surrender his ID, and took him to Central Police Station where he is likely to be charged.