Former SA soccer star saves man’s life on New Year’s Eve, despite breaking his leg

Cape Town – Former pro-soccer player and model Ryan Botha broke his leg and ankle when reportedly jumping two storeys on New Year’s Eve to help a man he saw falling.

Despite his injuries, he then stabilised the man and monitored him until paramedics arrived.

In an interview with Soccer Laduma, Botha recounted the incident, saying: “The guy fell 8m off of a pool overflow and landed on his head below, and everyone went into a flat panic. I can do CPR because I’m a trainer, so I found the lowest point and jumped down.

“It was about 5m down, round about two storeys, and I broke my leg and ankle when I landed. But I crawled over across to him, stabilised his breathing, checked his blood, tilted him to the side and kept him warm until the paramedics came. He was critical and it was so scary.”

The incident played out in Cape Town on New Year’s Eve.

Botha went on to tell Soccer Laduma that the man he helped could have died.

“His doctor came to meet me afterward, and he said that if I didn’t do what I did, he may not have made it.”

Botha is a former South African Under-23 international soccer player.

He is also a model and is represented by Boss Models.

As news of his heroic efforts did the rounds, several social media users took to Twitter to congratulate him.

At one point he responded on Twitter with a simple “thank you”.