How to be the most productive employee and make it all on time?

This article tells how to be the most productive employee and make it all on time

How to be the most productive employee and make it all on time?

Sometimes the list of things seems to us infinite. Just looking at it, we already feel exhausted by hard paper writing. All of us are tormented by the question of how to be productive, having time to cope with all work tasks, but not doing work day and night. Today we will try to answer it.

So here are several writing tips concerning this:

  • Sleep

In order to feel good, you have to sleep very well. Your body and brain have to rest, so avoid sleepless nights, or trying to sleep for two hours. This can be done but not regularly, so that the body is not in shock from you.

  • Make thesis writing

The lists of cases are momentous. You must create a clear graph. Why? This will help you plan what you can actually do. This will allow you to perform a specific task exactly when you can do it most effectively, and not just because it is the fourth number on the list.

As long as there is no specific date and time in your list for each task, you simply leave the desired one valid. Probably many of you now think that most tasks appear suddenly and they cannot be foreseen and planned. Yes, of course, such sudden tasks are very difficult to include in your schedule. But for this, you do not need to have seven heels on the forehead. Everything can change at any moment.

  • Exercise

It is not necessary to go on the street in the morning in any weather and run a few kilometres (although after that you do not exactly fall asleep). You can limit yourself to 20 minutes of cardiovascular exercise at home: for example, on a treadmill. If you do not want to buy a simulator, you can do other exercises: jumping rope, running on the spot, etc.

  • Athletic load

It is not necessary to run to the gym through the subscription. Stroll an hour after work, or just do not be lazy to do morning exercises. Your body should be in a tone. Do not forget to move as much as possible.

  • Rest every hour

At work or during descriptive essay writing, try to rest every hour for at least 7-10 minutes. This will allow you to relax somewhere and upgrade your performance. Have you noticed that after several hours of continuous work you just start to make a lot of mistakes? And all because the body requires rest. Do not deprive him of the opportunity to relax.

  • Full dinner

This means that you leave the job for a full lunch break, and preferably the office. No work, even behind the wall. Have a nice dinner, drink tea and think that the day is coming to its logical conclusion. In addition, a full-time dining break will help you relax and gain strength before the second half of the day.

  • Write by hand

On the one hand, it seems strange that in our century of high technology, when saving ideas take a few seconds, someone still sells, and most importantly, buys paper diaries and notebooks. Against the background of a large number of gadgets and applications, it seems that writing paper manually is an archaic act. In fact, manual writing improves memory, helps to better capture ideas and save them in any way, even if you break or lose your devices.

So while you drink your coffee (or green tea), you can do thesis writing – this will be another small training for your brain.

  • Evening without gadgets

Of course, at first it will be practically unrealistic to do, but you try. Spend time with friends at the pub or in the cinema. Take a walk with your family or prepare a family dinner. Get in emotions, and also have a rest so that tomorrow did not appear to you unrealistically difficult. By the way, if you do not want to go somewhere – read a book that has been postponed for a long time.