Innovation And Technology Management Role Models

In our modern-day world of technology, it is of utmost importance to remain on the forefront of innovation and technology. Companies that strive to better the world we live in help to pioneer a future that encourages growth and development, to the benefit of those around us. These role models are the true stalwarts of our business world.

The Da Vinci tt100 Business Innovation Awards Programme, otherwise known as South Africa’s foremost technology innovation Awards, takes time to recognise these businesses for their commitment to a new era in operations. According to the Da Vinci Institute’s awards marketers, the awards are intended to recognise and celebrate these role models who “have demonstrated their excellence in co-creating new workplace realities”

Naledi Pandor MP, Minister of Science and Technology and a keynote speaker at tt100 2016 stated that; “To make the best of our resources it is important that we foster strong and sustainable partnerships between government, universities and industry. This is precisely why the tt100 Awards Programme is so valuable. It helps identify – and I quote from the awards programme – ‘South African role models, who through innovation, tenacity and a passionate belief in people, have been able to take their organisations to a new level of competitiveness’.”

At the tt100 Business Innovation Awards 2017, held in Johannesburg on 15 November, Green Worx Cleaning Solutions was recognised as one such company. As a local green cleaning product manufacturer, Green Worx was named a finalist in both the Sustainability Blank Canvas and Management of Systems awards categories.

These awards are based on the Da Vinci Institute’s trademarked TIPS framework, referring to the management of Technology, Innovation, People and Systems. The Da Vinci Institute salutes the winners as “true role models and managerial leaders in how (they) manage technology, innovation and (their) people in a systemic and sustainable way.”


John J Coetzee, CEO at Green Worx, confirms that innovation has become a way of life in a tough industry that thrives on antiquated approaches to cleaning. “We are honoured to have been a part of the tt100 Awards. This has certainly encouraged the entire team to continue developing products that serve our environment and community at large. There simply isn’t any way around it – we must adjust our systems, modernise our methods and bolster our sustainability for better lives, successful businesses and greater health.”


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Green Worx Cleaning Solutions is ISO 14001, Global GreenTag, SABS and Green Building Council of South Africa (GBSCA) certified and supplies innovative, environmentally responsible, biotechnology products based on the use of natural microbes and enzymes. In such, Green Worx supplies green cleaning and sanitation consulting and solutions, pollution control and environmental remediation products to industrial and commercial entities, as well as to consumers. Green Worx prides itself on its associations with global leaders providing innovative, effective and high-quality products and solutions to meet specific customer needs.

In 2016 Green Worx was presented with the Award for runner up in the Green Technology Innovation category of the Mail & Guardian (M&G) Greening the Future Awards. In the same year, the company won the 2016 South African Frost & Sullivan Award for New Product Innovation. In 2017, Green Worx was named a finalist in the Da Vinci TT100 Business Innovation Awards.

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