Karabo Mokoena’s Boyfriend Sandile Mantsoe Commits Suicide in Police Cells

Sandile Mantsoe who made his his first appearance for the murder of Karabo Mokoena is reported to have committed suicide inside police cells in the early hours of Sunday. Mantsoe is accused of murdering his girlfriend Karabo and subsequently burning her body beyond recognition in a bid to cover up the heinous act.

Mantsoe was being held at Sandton Police, where the reports came from. The police have not spoken to the press formally about the matter, but reliable sources are confident that they will call a press conference today.

The magistrate on Friday said that, should he be found guilty for premeditated murder, he faces the mandatory sentence for the possible conviction; life in sentence.This could have led to Mantsoe taking Cyanide to put and end to his suffering which had already started. Cyanide, when either ingested as something like sodium cyanide, or inhaled as hydrogen cyanide, is able to kill a healthy adult human within a minute. It works by preventing the blood from carrying oxygen to the cells in our body and blocking the uptake of any oxygen already in the body by those cells.

Reports from Sandton suggest that a relative of Mantsoe brought the substance disguised as juice together with his supper. How they passed security is another question that we hope will be addressed by police.