Keeping Score Teasers – August 2017

Tuesday 1 August 2017
Episode 84

Game Of Change 

Justice confronts Mmamosa about making decisions without consulting him. Mmamosa retorts that if he doesn’t like it he can buy her out. Lebona is visited by an old running mate, who got him banned.

Determined to beat him now, Lebona asks Ashanti to train with him. They have fun together but Ashanti takes it too far. Jade and Eshe butt heads over Eshe’s friendship with Sara and Jade’s with Austin. Then Sara comes on to Austin who rejects her. And Warona is still running from the old Sotho man.

Monday 7 August 2017
Episode 85

Keep Calm And Pole Dance 

Botho opens up to Kelsey about the stress she’s under at ASA. Kelsey dares her to live a little with a bottle of wine and pole dancing. Botho uses the gym camera to video the escapade, and discovers footage of Ashanti kissing Lebona.

Justice finds Warona’s uncle outside on his step and invites him in for dinner, much to Warona’s dismay.

Tuesday 8 August 2017
Episode 86

The Man In The Mirror 

Warona is forced to deal with Hlompho, who tells her about her past, wants to take her home to Lesotho. Warona refuses but won’t tell Justice why.

Jade kisses Austin and says it was ‘nothing’ but Eshe doesn’t believe her. Kelsey dares Botho to live a little with wine and pole dancing. Botho videos it with a gym camera and sees footage of Ashanti kissing Lebona. On Lehasa’s orders Palesa destroys Pula’s credibility. His case is dismissed, leaving Tladi conflicted.