Limpopo traffic cops shoot each other over bribe money

Chaos broke in N1 highway at a traffic police road block in Matoks area in Limpopo on Wednesday evening. A Zimbabwe bound cross-border bus’ bribe left one officer dead and the other seriously injured when the two reportedly opened fire against each other over bribe money.

When the paramedics arrived at the scene one officer had already succumbed to a neck injury and died due to excessive bleeding while the survivor was still battling with a stomach bullet wound, paramedics reveal.

An eyewitness (another police officer) refused to reveal the details leading to the shooting and only promised to open up when its legally required.

However, the bus driver whose bribe was alleged to be the center of controversy reveals that the two plastered him for carrying an over load and passengers without proper documentation thus demanded at least R1 800 bribe.

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‘They demanded a R2 000 bribe money but we only raised R1 800 with the help of passengers who didn’t have enough traveling documents, i gave the one who seemed to be a junior officer. They argued about how they will share the money right in front of me leading to a shootout, by the look of things the two had previous issues and the bribe money was just a spark,” he said.

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The police spokesperson acknowledges the shootout but however claims that they are still investigating the actual cause the incident.


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