IN MEMES: Twitter Shook By 15-Year Age Gap On Our Perfect Wedding!!!!!

Twitter was once again ablaze on Sunday after a bride and groom on Our Perfect Wedding came under the spotlight for the 15-year age gap between them.

Large age gaps in relationships have been a hot topic recently, with Dineo Ranaka defending such relationships in a social media post last month.

The debate once again surfaced on Sunday when Winny and Zweli Nxumalo tied the knot, with Winny’s family concerned about the age difference between the bride and groom.

Fans of the show were also shocked at the age difference and, in typical Mzansi style, responded on social media with hilarious memes and message.

Others believed that the couple should be left alone and not be judged.

Others were saying her family is crying about a 15 year age difference. They should ask Mugabe. He did 41!