Naledi announces her extreme decision this week on ‘Scandal’

Here’s what to expect this week on ‘Scandal’.

Monday November 21

Naledi is forced into making a far reaching decision, and Neo is visited and warned by someone from his past. Lindiwe does not receive the support she is hoping for, and takes drastic action. Dintle just cannot win, which leads to a huge fight.

Tuesday November 22

Three people are shocked by a family member’s actions, but their shock soon turns to fear. Naledi announces her extreme decision and makes a request of a relative. Dintle wonders about an aspect of her life, unaware that possible future intentions are already being expressed.

Wednesday November 23

A father is forced to apologise, and a panicking family’s fears are compounded by a posting on social media. Layla reluctantly agrees to keep an eye on a potentially explosive situation. Mangi is unaware that he is being manipulated when he receives a disturbing phone call.

Thursday November 24

Lindiwe looks for support, but is frightened off by two different people. Yvonne offers Neo some surprising advice and a stranger asks some personal questions. Mangi scrambles to try and save a worrying situation.

Friday November 25

Lindiwe gets her fifteen minutes of fame, but it does nothing to help her situation. It starts to appear that an attractive woman is being stalked. Dintle and Mangi are both satisfied with the outcome of a fraught situation.