Papa Penny Elaborates On His Hairstyle!!!!!!!!

Papa Penny, who has the most successful reality TV show in the country right now, is known for his funny comments on his show and on Twitter

In a recent interview  the reality store explained the condom comment, he made on his show Papa Penny Ahee, which left people on social media in stitches.

(sic) “She is my mother. She never killed me from the planet. If she was wrong she was supposed to kill me from the planet or she was supposed to put me in a condom and put me in the dustbin,” he said on the show.

Papa Penny Penny responded to it saying that it was more of a celebration to his 91-year-old mother who has always looked out for him, showing appreciation for her having given birth to him.

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The reality show star went on to say that his pony-tail celebrated woman, and consisted of three planets.

(sic) “If you look at my pony tail, it’s got three planets, the first planet is our mother, the second planet is where we are now [Earth], number three you die.”  Papa Penny said

He went on to add that we have to respect our mothers because they bring life into the world.

(sic) “Mother is a planet because you can keep someone in the womb for 9 months and they come out alive,” Said the singer.