Parktown Girls High School bans VW Golf 7s?

Reports suggest that the Parktown Girls High School’s Governing Body (SGB) has approached the municipality to assist in imposing a ban on VW Golf 7 Drivers.

It is alleged that the SGB sent a letter to the municipality, after they noticed how school girls lost all focus, concentration and inhibitions, whenever they heard the sound of the German Sports Car. In the letter, the school principal claims that during break time the girls take turns in “flashing” Golf drivers who pass by everyday on cue.

It is reported that the schools SGB say that the “vrrrr phaa” sound is just to intoxicating for school girls and that something must be done about it, especially during the final exams.

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However, Park Town Girls Principal has denied the claims’

Dr Anthea Cereseto told said there was no such thing happening at the school.

Dr Cereseto said she was “absolutely insulted” by the reports which she described as “rubbish”.

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“It is sexist, insulting and rubbish to assume that the pupils of the school could be distracted by a car,” an angry Cereseto said. “I’m old, so I don’t like these kinds of things,” she added.

Dr Cereseto said Parktown Girls High would be taking some sort of action as it was “really disturbing to have such perceptions associated with the school.”