PICS: Pastor Mboro gets ‘blessed’ with R2m BMW

The pastor must have sold a lot of pictures of himself from his recent trip to heaven to afford this supercar.

Social media was abuzz on Saturday after a BMW dealership congratulated Incredible Happenings Ministries “prophet” Paseka “Mboro” Motsoeneng on his purchase of one of their most expensive vehicles on offer, a BMW i8, which retails for just less than R2 million, without extras, and is a hybrid petrol-electric “car of the future”.

The pastor, in case you don’t know him, is the short man on the right dressed like he’s about to start tap-dancing with Ginger Rogers.

The controversial prophet claimed earlier this year that he went to heaven over the Easter holidays and took pictures of himself in heaven. The pastor was allegedly selling these pictures for R5 000.

He surely must have sold a whole lot of them to afford this impressive ride.
Pastor 1

Pastor Motsoeneng


He made the news last weekend too when he accused the SABC of “swindling” him out of more than half a million rand in airtime that he paid to promote his church. He reportedly acquired the services of an audit firm and threatened legal action.

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The SABC confirmed the dispute and said some of the pastor’s paid advertisements they had decided not to air on radio and TV had violated the broadcaster’s religious broadcasting policy and thus been terminated. They said they would refund the pastor, but not for the full R536 000 he was claiming.

Twitter had a few sardonic comments about the pastor’s flashy wheels:

Source: Citizen

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