Pics: The Meaning Of Dreadlocks!!!

DREADSLOCKS in the modern day, are seen a form of hairstyle but historically they have a different meaning.

Historically, dreadlocks have a diverse meaning for different people including their cultures.

Azwimbavhi Mphephu (27) from Nzelele in Limpopo said he is a reflection of Rastafarian but a copied look of Bob Marley. He has been a Rastafarian since he was a teenager and he is also a recording artist.

Dreadlocks largely connected with Rastafarianism in Mzansi, they are also associated with religious and spiritual beliefs of mostly the Rastafari community.

 According to, Rastafarianism was born in the 1930s when Ras Tafari was crowned emperor of Ethiopia.
“When the emperor was forced into exile during an invasion, guerrilla warriors swore not to cut their hair until the emperor was reinstated. The religion resonated with the ideologies of the day, for example socialism, Marxism, nationalism and black power,”

Daniel Sihangu (35) said his dreads are contributing on a little note towards President Thabo Mbeki’s speech; I am an African. “I am not a Rastafarian, I just love natural hair. I have recently cut some of my dreads on the side. I have planted them on my six year old daughter; said Daniel.
“It was therefore, seen as a threat to Christianity and came under attack by the authorities that tried to suppress the ‘Rasta’ movement and imprisoned those who possessed ‘ganja’.”

Koketso Tau (18) said dreadlocks are part of her family religion. “My father is a Rastafarian. I have been growing dreadlocks for the past seventeen years. Dreadlocks are the sign of nature and growth. They symbolise wealth and I am proud to be a natural young woman”