In Pics:My 4-5 Won’t Sleep!

WHEN Jabulani Mtyali went for four months without poking his girlfriend, she called him a “weak horse.”

The 41-year-old from Queenstown in Eastern Cape then decided to travel to Port Elizabeth to get tablets to strengthen his e_rection, but they backfired: as his 4-5 has been stiff for a week!

Jabulani said his girlfriend of two years left him on Friday because the tablets made him want to poke her all the time, and by yesterday his e_rection had lasted for six painful days.

“I started experiencing a weak e_rection in July. My 23-year-old girlfriend complained my 4-5 was no longer the same.

“A friend of mine took me to Korsten marketplace and I bought two packets of tablets for R60 each.”

He got back home last Thursday and took two tablets.

“My 4-5 became very strong and my girlfriend enjoyed it. But things got ugly when it refused to go back to sleep. It went on all night and my girlfriend started bleeding,” he said.

Jabulani said his 4-5 was painful and doctors told him he would have to pay R15 000 for an operation.

“I do not have the money, so my mum is selling two cows to pay for it,” he said.

A doctor from Port Elizabeth said Jabulani needed to be treated immediately as it was dangerous to have an e_rection for more than four days.

“The problem is, blood is building up in his manhood and it could kill him,” he said.

Jabulani’s girlfriend said she loved him but she could not live with that condition of his manhood.