Police ban #deadpose challenge

Police Minister Nathi Nheko announces an immediate ban of the trending #deadpose challenge that took Mzansi social media platforms by storm.

Trending under the tag #deadpose, social media users share their pictures pretending to be dead, despite some of them pulling unbelievable scary stunts the police minister condemned such ‘gross’ abuse of social media.

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” Social media platforms are being abused, instead of being informative they are turned into grave yards.. The so called Dead Pose Challenge causes unnecessary panic in the communities and i have received reports from paramedics who received a number of false alarms. Let the paramedics do their job without hindrance, these pranks will lead to denied service to those who truly need it. We also realised that it entice violence within the society . Therefore it is a criminal offense to continue practicing this Dead Pose prank,’ he said in a statement.

It is alleged that the offense attracts a jail term of not less than three months.

Yesterday a girl was left to die after she suffered cardiac arrest while colleagues took turns to take pictures thinking she is pulling  a dead pose stunt.