Quinton makes a difficult decision this week on ‘Scandal’

This after he discovers that he could be fighting a losing battle.

Monday, November 7
Mangi experiences a moment of chemistry with someone who isn’t his wife, and Layla makes a discovery that could jeopardise someone’s future happiness. Zinzile readily agrees to a request, but Mlungisi has reservations. Gloria and Dintle look set to become unlikely rivals in a competitive industry.

Tuesday, November 8

Siseko tries to play the knight in shining armour but backs down when he gets the wrong end of the stick. Scelo’s fears are allayed by a charm offensive. Gloria resorts to spiteful measures when she fears coming second in a race.

Wednesday, November 9

Quinton discovers that he could be fighting a losing battle, and two people who are involved with other people end up kissing. Lindiwe is terrified that her father’s insistence could ruin everything for her. Dintle is not happy to see a relative but feels better about it when she is unwittingly given an idea.

Thursday, November 10
Yvonne is rattled when she cannot get clarity about her situation, and Naledi is contacted by a blast from someone else’s past. Blackmail and lies are employed to put a father’s mind at ease. Mangi is presented with a disturbing ultimatum.

Friday, November 11
A potential sacrifice prompts Quinton to make a difficult decision, and Naledi is confronted by a criminal. Lindiwe owns up to her actions, which horrifies a friend and angers another. Gontse does not realise she is assisting a friend with an underhanded plan.

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