Rachel Kunutu misses an opportunity to move to Generations

Actress Lesego Marakalla who plays the character of controversial college girl Rachel Kunutu on the popular SABC1 drama “Skeem Saam,” has allegedly missed an opportunity to move to Generations, a popular prime time soapie with millions of viewers across Southern Africa.

The Mpumalanga born actress was scheduled to audition for a new role on the 22 year long soapie, but was no show. It was later revealed that she couldn’t make it to the SABC Henley Television Studios due to “medical complications”.

It is alleged that Marakalla had recently visited a Dermatologist for a minor procedure to rid her of her school-girl-freckles but had unfortunately not recovered in time for her life changing audition.

The process known as Microdermabrasion in a non-evasive and light cosmetic procedure that uses a mechanical medium for exfoliation to gently remove the outermost layer of dead skin cells from the epidermis. This process is often used by dermatologists to remove black spots and freckles without applying major plastic surgery.

Unfortunately for Marakalla, her week-long procedure was extended by two more days to ensure the specialist got to all the spots. The Dermatologist reportedly refused to let her go because she was afraid that Marakalla would expose her tender healing skin to intense sunlight or harsh studio lighting.

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Marakalla has reportedly denied missing any audition or having visited a Dermatologist. “Yoh, I don’t even know what microderna what what is… besides I’m happy with the way I look, people can say what they wanna say, but if there was something wrong with me, I would not be a success on tv.”

Marakalla also encouraged other  woman and girls who have slight blemishes on their skin to stop listening to haters “God put those imperfections on your face, accept yourself, love your uniqueness and refuse to allow other people to decide whether you are beautiful or not.”

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