Satanists confess at TB Joshua Church to using the #deadpose challenge to recruit members

What we all thought was a joke is no joke. The dead pose challenge could land you in big trouble. It is alleged that three people confessed  that they have been using the trick to recruit members into Satanism.

Satanism is the worship of Satan, typically involving a travesty of Christian symbols and practices, such as placing a cross upside down. It is meant to lead people astray and cause misfortune on them. It is often associated with death.

The revelations came to light during a TB Joshua service. The people manifested during the service. They confessed that they had come to recruit new members from Synagogue church of all nations.

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“As a result of the Holy Spirit, I have identified them and these people are on a mass recruitment drive. Let them confess to you,” Prophet TB Joshua prophesied before handing one of them the microphone.

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One of them started to shout, “The dead pose, the dead pose!” The congregants where shocked, and TB Joshua asked him to speak about it.

“We use the dead pose challenge to recruit members. Anyone who tries it will be converted to Satanism in the spirit. We are doing it in South Africa. If they are not strong in spirit they will be Satanists.”

TB Joshua did not waste much time and plucked out the demons out of the grouping, causing much havoc in the church. He further on went to warn people who are taking the challenge that they will cause misfortune among themselves.