Scandal: 31 October – 4 November 2016

‘Scandal’ this week promises more drama.

Monday October 31

Yvonne’s justifications fall on deaf ears, and Quinton receives some potentially devastating news. Lindiwe has a suspicions about a young man, and realises that she is doing too little, too late. Dintle wakes up to the fact that her talent for pulling the wool over others’ eyes is failing her.
Tuesday November 1

Quinton refuses a request, and Naledi crosses a line which causes her mother to become uncharacteristically protective. Desperate times drive Lindiwe to desperate measures. Dintle discovers that dodgy goods are not all that easy to offload.

Wednesday November 2

Quinton is taken aback by an offer of support, and Naledi feels hurt and abandoned by an agreement which is reached. Lindiwe discovers that the easy way out has its rewards. Dintle is disappointed when she learns that value lies in the eye of the beholder.

Thursday November 3

A daughter rejects her mother and forms an unlikely alliance with a former foe. Lindiwe receives conflicting signals which confuse her about the future. Dintle realises she may be forced to look out for herself.

Friday November 4

Mangi experiences confusing feelings, Yvonne makes a shocking disclosure and Quinton receives a disturbing warning. Lindiwe’s heart’s desire moment is interrupted by two mothers. Dintle loses a source of income, but another potential opportunity opens up.

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