#Scandal Scandal Teasers April 2017

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Coming up on Scandal! this April 2017:

Monday 3 April 2017
Episode 2749            

Lerumo is not prepared to deal with the consequences of making a decision alone, and Neo has a plan to improve his lot – which makes someone nervous. Some bad news is announced at NFH, leading to fear and uncertainty. Dintle is horrified to realise that her scheme is not going to be smooth sailing.

Tuesday 4 April 2017
Episode 2750     

Layla receives distressing news, and a young woman incurs the wrath of a relative. Scelo learns that his future could be hanging in the balance. Dintle hopes that a daunting task will pay off in the end.

Wednesday 5 April 2017
Episode 2751   

Neo realises his strong-arm tactics are failing, and Yvonne is extremely disgruntled when she does not get what she feels she deserves. Eddie makes a far-reaching decision, but some of those affected, are not too happy about it. Dintle is almost caught by someone she is trying to hide the truth from.

Thursday 6 April 2017
Episode 2752   

Neo works hard to win over somebody, and Yvonne seeks an alliance with a man she can’t stand. There is much relief when a hero steps in to save the day. Dintle tells a lie – and a truth – to keep a situation under wraps.

Friday 7 April 2017
Episode 2753 

Yvonne proposes a daring and dangerous plan, and Neo receives a surprising invitation. Scelo meets a hot-headed young woman who calls him on his views. Dintle is surprised to find herself genuinely bonding with an unlikely person.